Tracy McGrady Dunks or How to Increase Vertical Jump

Have you seen Tracy McGrady dunk over the center of 7’6 ” Shawn Bradley?

Ok, it’s been a while since then, but T-Mac is still struggling. Actually, the 28-year-old Houston Rocket still has a 35.5-inch vertical!

After and during his rehab, McGrady worked hard to get stronger.

“Now, I persist in training every day, regardless of whether I am home or away. My condition is slowly but surely improving. My strength and in fact everything is improving as well. I can clearly feel it. I will continue with my training. Unlike. From what everyone was thinking and saying, I need to show that Tracy McGrady isn’t done yet. ” – Tracy McGrady

Here is a summary of his training:

Dumb bells

McGrady held two 70-pound dumbbells in both hands and began to lift them. Each session required McGrady to support this pair of fools by stretching his arms 10 times. He had to do that lift for 5 sessions.

Weight ball practice

In this one, McGrady had to lift a 16-pound ball over his head and ran from one baseline to another. He did it three times, then grabbed an 8-pound ball, picked it up, and jumped up to touch the hoop.

After 10 reps, McGrady grabbed a jump rope and performed 300 jumps.

During this workout, McGrady also used some special exercises to increase his vertical:

Bounce machine

McGrady was standing in the middle of the bouncing machine that was fixed to the ground. She put on a strap that could hold her upper body tightly. Four strong rubber bands were attached to the hanger from the 4 corners of the rebound machine. So McGrady had to continuously jump 30 times.

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