Vertical Jump to Slam Dunk Training Programs

In this article I am going to explain vertical jump training programs for slam dunk. I am going to focus on the main components around which your vertical jumping program should be built. Before I get into the details, let me tell you where I’m coming from. In high school I had a strong desire to spike and trained for years until I finally reached that goal. From my experience and observations, it wasn’t the people who necessarily trained hard who saw results, but rather the people who worked smart who were successful. Make Sure You Are Consciously Training Specific Muscles For Specific Reasons: Make sure your vertical jump program effectively encompasses everything to do with vertical jump training. Here is one such aspect:

power = force x speed

Your vertical is determined solely by the amount of power your body can exert. Power is force multiplied by speed. Force is the total amount of force your body can exert on the ground, and velocity is how fast your body can exert that force. They have a multiplicative relationship, so it is important that you work on both, but especially focus on working on your weaknesses.

For example, let’s say your natural ability for your strength is around 7 and your speed is around 2. You would see more results if you worked on your weakness (speed)…

Currently your natural ability is this:

Power (14) = Strength (7) x Speed ​​(2)

If I were to do more strength training:

Power (16) = Strength (8) x Speed ​​(2)

If you did more speed training:

Power (21) = Strength (7) x Speed ​​(3)

Important things to keep in mind: As you can see, you get the best results by training your weaknesses. All this is related to the previous concept of smart work. I saw people around me who were training aspects of their body that didn’t need further training and saw weak results because of it. The smart ones trained their weaknesses and saw a huge increase in their vertical. What should you work on? Everyone’s body type is different, so everyone should have a unique plan. Today’s vertical jump program will give you a personalized plan that targets your unique body type and will focus on improving your weaknesses. These vertical jump training programs will tell you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in a personalized program so you can nail it.

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