Volleyball jump training exercises

Volleyball jump training exercises must be chosen very carefully. Most coaches (especially at the high school level) are not qualified to do any type of vertical jump training with their players.

Jumping is the most important skill to have in volleyball because any decent player can pass a ball and learning to spike is a piece of cake if you can jump high enough to get two feet over the net.

If you really want to excel in volleyball, you need to train your vertical jumping ability so that you can increase your vertical jump drastically. As recently as 10 years ago, it was unheard of to increase your jump height by 10 inches in just a few months. But through a lot of research and a stronger understanding of how muscles react to certain types of training programs, it’s a possibility.

Imagine jumping just 4 inches higher! How much better volleyball player would you be? The fact is that if you train properly you can add many inches to your jump height. However, you want to avoid the common mistakes that most people and trainers make.

Doing long duration workouts won’t make you jump higher, it might actually decrease your jumping ability.

Some great exercises are squats, box jumps, hamstring curls, calf raises, and ring touches.

Some exercises to avoid are jumping rope for more than 1 minute or resistance jumping training.

Remember that jumping is a science and if followed correctly it can have great results, but if you do it wrong you will feel like it is working but you will end up not gaining.

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