What is the closest comparison to a “Deshaun Watson situation” in NBA history?

For those uninformed, Watson is a star NFL quarterback who has been charged with more than 20 sexual assault allegations. He has been away from his team, the Houston Texans, for a full season, waiting for his legal situation to be clarified. Last week, a grand jury declined to indict Watson on criminal charges related to harassment and sexual misconduct. Although he still faces 22 civil lawsuits, he appears to be free of criminal charges at this time. *Immediately* after the grand jury announced its decision, several NFL teams lined up as possible suitors for Watson in a possible trade (he had requested a trade shortly before the first allegations came out). Over the past week, Watson has met with teams including the Browns, Saints, Panthers and Falcons who are trying to court him and convince him to waive his no-trade clause and become their next QB. In NBA history, has there ever been such a quick turn of events where a player who had lingering questions about his off-court character/behavior was accepted (and almost celebrated) by the NBA community? once his legal situation was apparently “clear? ”?

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