Would you like to increase your vertical jump?

I know why many of you are reading this article and it’s not just to increase your vertical jump. I guess many of you are sick of going to the gym and watching guys who have out-of-this-world jumps run up and down the court and hit home balls in their spare time. You want your turn and I don’t blame you so now it’s time to increase your vertical jump.

There are a few things you can do to increase your vertical jump. I would recommend doing sprints first. Sprints are great because you have to push off and use your whole leg to explode off the line and continue to do so throughout the sprint.

Another technique to increase your vertical jump is to jump rope. Yes, it’s old school, but sometimes things have to be that way, there’s a reason the jump rope has lasted so long that it works, so don’t forget.

And, of course, you will have to lift some weights. Of course, when you think of lifts to increase your vertical jump, you think of squats, lunges, and calf raises. And trust me, I think you should use those exercises, but where many fail is for upper body work. Jumping is an explosive activity that requires your entire body to get high.

And finally strengthen your abs. This little technique could increase your vertical jump alone. Many people will say that my abs have to do with jumping and increasing my vertical jump. Well the answer is simple, your abs are a link between your upper and lower body and as I said before, you need a strong upper body and a strong lower body to increase your vertical jump. Also, when you run, jump, and do any athletic activity, your abs are the first muscles to activate. So strengthen your abs and you could be dunking in no time.

There is one last point I would like to make and it is this: if you want to increase your vertical, you have to take action. It won’t happen by itself, you have to want it. I’m assuming if you’ve looked this up and read this far, you’re dedicated to jumping higher and being one of those gym-owning skywalkers. I leave you with a question, how much do you want it?

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