Apple MacBook Pro: A Quick Review

Apple has released the newest product in the Apple family – the MacBook Pro. Since there are so many features to list, I will just mention them before my review:

15 inches:

* 15.4 inch screen

* 5.6 pounds

* 4x SuperDrive

* 2GHZ or a 2.16GHz core due

* One Firewire 400 port

* Two USB ports

17 inches:

* 17 inch screen

* 6.8 pounds

* 8x SuperDrive

* 2.16 GHz core expired

* One Firewire 400 port

* One Firewire 800 port

* Three USB ports


The MacBook Pro comes in silver or black. I chose black because it is spectacular.


The Intel Core Duo gives the MacBook Pro the ability to harness the power of two processors on a single chip. What this means is that the performance of the machine is doubled, while only needing to power one processor. The 667 Hz front-side bus, which Apple says “runs faster than any Mac notebook before it,” allows graphics to be switched between 2D and 3D.


There’s a built-in iSight camera, so you can video conference around the world using the iChat software.


The Mac Book Pro was a great machine. I’ve been using it for a while and I love it. I doubt I’ll be going back to a Windows based machine anytime soon!

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