How to install Neo Geo emulator the right way

You like video games? Almost everyone does it (even those people who say they don’t but secretly wish they could play them anyway). And the current gaming craze exists in the area of ​​handheld gaming, which may explain why Sony Inc. has created the PSP mini. or portable gaming system. All PSP drives are based on patented Universal Media Disc technology, which is the exclusive property of Sony Inc.

With the PSP and handheld gaming growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, it’s no surprise that emulators are being created. An emulator, for those who don’t know, is a hardware or software product that can mimic the functionalities of one system when the emulator is installed on a completely different system. So emulators can come in the form of software to be run on PCs so that a new software application can be run on said machines; or in the form of hardware that has embedded firmware. The firmware on this hardware would be responsible for telling your PC how to function once specific gaming software has been downloaded onto that PC.

A free emulator software that has been making the rounds is Neo Geo Emulator. This emulator, now popularly installed on many PSPs, aims to allow end users to play games that were popularized in late 1990s Japan and are based on the Neo Geo Game Console. Obviously, Sony Inc. doesn’t officially allow Neo Geo Emulator to be installed on their PSPs, but that doesn’t stop people from downloading the emulator software on their PSP units for free anyway.

It is worth explaining that Neo Geo emulators do not come in a single version. An Internet source recommends this version, MVSPSP 2.0.6, and explains how to install it correctly. See below for details of the installation process:

* To install MVSPSP 2.0.6, you must copy the MVSPSP folder to the GAME folder in order to run the program on the 1.50 kernel. If you can secure some roms for yourself, look for the other folder named romcnv. The romcnv folder has an exe inside of it that can convert your roms to a cache file. This cache file is required (just like the roms zip file) to use on PSP due to its low memory.

* After that, you need to create a folder labeled ROMS and another labeled CACHE inside the MVSPSP folder. Also, you need the which works like the BIOS of the console; this allows you to run Neo Geo games.

* Once this is done, set it to the ROMS folder. However, you do not need to create a cache of that information.

The Neo Geo emulator described here can play Metal Slug 1, Samurai Showdown, and King of the Monsters with 100% accuracy and functionality. This source also revealed that you can now get MVSPSP 2.2.0 (applicable for PSP version called PSP Slim) which doesn’t need to use cache files as PSP Slim has a doubled memory spanning 64mb.

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