Putting a lens on 4 of the best VPN service providers

There are literally dozens of reasons why you should use a virtual private network (VPN). Some of the benefits include:

  • Possibility of hiding your Internet activity from your ISP

  • If you use a public WiFi network, have the ability to protect yourself from hackers

While there are many VPN service providers on the market, not all of them will provide you with the service you deserve. Here are some of the best providers to consider:

Express VPN

It has been voted by millions of people as the best VPN service. This is due to the excellent features it has.

It has servers in more than 78 countries around the world. This ensures that the speeds are top-notch, so you’ll be able to stream and download your favorite videos quickly.

The VPN software is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including: Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. You only need to download the application that is compatible with your device.

Unlike other service providers, Express VPN does not keep usage logs; therefore, you do not have to worry about your private information being compromised.

Service provider service plans come with unlimited bandwidth. This eliminates the worry of reaching the monthly limit.

Hide my ass

Run by a UK company, the software uses OpenVPN. One of its most attractive features is its easy-to-navigate interface. This makes it ideal for users who have never used VPN services before.

It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. Whether you use an Android or Windows device, you will get an application that is compatible with your device.

The service provider prides itself on having a technical support team that will help you with every question you have.


It is run by an American company and one of its great features is its simple and direct interface. This makes the software ideal for the novice user.

Similar to Express VPN, their service plans come with unlimited bandwidth. It is also compatible with various devices, including: Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android systems.

One of the main flaws is that it is incompatible with the iOS operating system.

Strong VPN

Strong VPN has been around since 1994 and has many attractive features. One of the features is that it has more than 383 servers, giving you fast connection speeds.

Their service plans have no bandwidth limits; therefore, you don’t have to worry about reaching your monthly limit.

To facilitate access to customer service, the service provider has designed many platforms that you can use. You can use live chat, email, or even a phone call. Customer representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; therefore, you can get help at any time of the day or night.


These are some of the best VPN service providers. You just need to do your research and decide on the provider that is within your budget and gives you the best service.

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