HP Wall Mount – TouchSmart Mount and Complete Wall Mount Kit

From information kiosks in public areas, patient rooms and nursing stations in hospitals, interactive games for children in fast food restaurants to the kitchen at home, the HP TouchSmart All-in-One PC is used for its touch technology and unique interaction experience . With many applications, it is desired to mount this computer to properly position the touch screen for user comfort and enjoyment. Mounting also provides additional benefits such as saving space and providing a level of anti-theft security. Unlike a mounted TV or computer monitor, users are constantly pressing on the TouchSmart screen. It is essential that the computer is properly supported when it is mounted.

Looking at how HP TouchSmart is designed to sit on your desk, you’ll see that the weight of the computer rests on 3 points; the 2 legs directly under the monitor and the “stand” attached to the back of the computer. When mounting and suspending the computer, it is important to keep your design supporting these 3 points.

Other considerations when mounting the HP TouchSmart:

1. Make sure the mount is VESA compatible. “VESA” stands for “Video Electronics Standards Association.” VESA promotes and develops open standards relevant to display manufacturers and the display mounting industry. Using a VESA-compliant mount will help ensure that your computer is mounted correctly.

2. To mount the HP TouchSmart, a VESA mount adapter kit or similar is required to connect the computer to a VESA mount. Make sure the mounting adapter does not require any modification to the computer, as this could void your warranty.

3. The HP TouchSmart has an external power supply, or “power brick,” like that of a printer. Consider how this will be supported when the computer is assembled.

4. Do you want to mount your HP TouchSmart on the wall? Look for included or complete wall mounting kits. Purchasing a complete wall mounting kit will save you time and money, as well as ensure that you have everything you need to mount your computer correctly.

HP Wall Mount – Complete Wall Mount System

The ideal HP TouchSmart mounting kit will include a mounting adapter bracket that is VESA compliant and attaches to the back of the computer without modifying the computer case. The mounting adapter bracket will have arms that extend downward to support the computer from below as well. Also included is a device to hold the external power supply behind the display, up and out of sight.

The VESA adapter and mounting kit will have everything you need to properly attach the HP TouchSmart to an existing HP Wall Mount, VESA-compliant wall mount, or desk stand arm. In addition, the mounting kit will include a flush mount wall bracket for customers who simply wish to mount their computer on the wall like a TV, providing a complete wall mounting system.

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