The fight between the game console and the Trusty PC

Computer games will never die for me. They’ll have to remove my steaming mouse and keyboard from my cold hands and cut the cable to disconnect me from my steaming server. The reason for this outburst is someone pointing out the information that PC games are “smaller” than console games. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Computer games have a greater scope for modification that allows gamers to vary the way they play the game. Players can create their own maps much more easily than console games. Digital download seems to be a promising future for computer games, as long as the price works. What is not usually mentioned about the physical box and the disk is the security of the backup.

Enjoy computer games, sound, and movies with theater-quality sound and bass at home—within your own personal listening environment! As a result, the PC game market is increasingly devoted to more immersive games, such as complex first-person shooters like Crysis, while consoles are seen as more of a social event.

Not only is the hardware more powerful, but developers are more used to working on computer architecture than consoles, and there’s a lot more graphics RAM, system RAM, and storage space to play with. If you compare Bioshock on the 360 ​​to Bioshock on a mid- to high-end computer system, it’s obvious that the PC can achieve more meticulous textures and impressive effects. Computer games have evolved over the years to be just as sophisticated, fast and graphically rich as console games. In fact, if you want the ultimate in gaming machines, the polygon-generating king of the hill, you should look to a computer, not a console.

With today’s growing data storage capacity, the rise of downstream ISPs, and developments in multimedia computing technology, the demand for a single-service multimedia platform has developed significantly in recent years. When PC game sales fall, a major factor is probably the absence of rationally constrained, quality-focused game design on that platform.

Although the console market dominates the gaming world, the personal computer remains the king of first-person shooters and real-time strategy games with its incredible ability to display excessive high-resolution and amazing effects. visuals. Some of us swim against the current and see the demise not of computer games, but of game consoles. The main reason consoles are marketed so heavily is that piracy prevention is the main reason for their current form, and explains how the union of the GPU and CPU is the next big thing in the gaming industry. . The situation prompted Infinity Ward’s community manager to complain about the number of people playing Call of Duty 4 online compared to the number of PC versions of the game that have been sold.

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