A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens Novel, A Review

It is quite difficult to write about the novels written by Charles Dickens, since you have to be one of the thousands of people who have done the work before. It is quite surprising that the master writer like Charles Dickens, who wrote such novels as ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Great Expectations’, turned in the historical lane and set up a love story that is going through the confusing streets of two great cities: London and Paris. These were the most turbulent cities of the 18th century. Charles Dickens had woven his novel “A Tale of Two Cities” narrating these cities.

The plot: a history of confusion

The love affair of two unusual characters, Lucy Manette and Charles Darney, passed through the time narrated by Dickens as’ It was the best of times; It was the worst of times. ‘ The couple went through strange circumstances. They were caught in a storm of revolutionary atmosphere in late 18th century France. And they would hardly have gotten through it without offering abnormal responses to the situation they were forced to confront.

The story is painted on a torn canvas of turbulent London where mockery of the law had replaced the administration of justice, guns were necessary items for travelers, and fresh graves were dug to sell parts of corpses. The warehouse in France in general and the theater in Paris in particular were worse than those in London. The last phase of feudalism and the anguished conscience of the French peasants had left behind all notions of civility and human behavior. The peasant movement to overthrow the tyrant rulers partially ended with the fall of the Bastille prison. All prisoners were released from Bastille-Dr. Manette, father of Lucy Manette, one of the main characters in the novel is one of them.

Lucy helped her father out of the obsession of his incarceration. She took over the ship and went through the demanding process of healing her father and developing her relationship with Charles. An immigrant from France and a language teacher at the London school, Charles Darney had an aristocratic lineage that he kept undisclosed until the day of his marriage to Lucy. But his aristocratic virtue of protecting one of his former loyalists led him into the storm of France. He was caught; he was condemned simply for having the aristocratic lineage; and he was to be executed.

But he was freed thanks to the unexpected help of Lucy’s ex-lover, Sydney Carton. His face was like Charles’s. Sydney Carton replaced himself in Charles’s place in jail, sacrificing his life to save the life of the husband of the woman he loved. Other characters, Jarvis Lorry, the Defarge couple, Mrs. Pross and others walked with the story, making its flow lucid and the content rich.

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