Biography of JK Rowling

JKRowling was born in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire 1965. He spent part of his childhood in Gloucestershire and later in South Wales. In school he did well in English, arts, and poetry, but he did not excel in sports. With the strong support of her parents, she graduated from the University of Essex with a BA in English. This allowed him to spend a year in Paris, although he later regretted not having studied English. After finishing university, he worked for several years in London. This included a job with Amnesty International.

JK Rowling and Harry Potter

The inspiration for writing Harry Potter came on a delayed train ride from London to Manchester. It was on this nondescript train journey that she was flooded with inspiration from; wizards, Hogwarts, Harry Potter and magic trains. JKRowling tells how on the trip he didn’t have a pen; she was also too shy to borrow from a passenger. However, upon arriving in Manchester, he immediately began writing the first draft of Harry Potter. These early writings were rewritten several times over the course of the following years, but the characters and the basic plot had already taken shape.

An important feature of the main character of Harry Potter is the fact that at a young age he is orphaned. He misses his mother and father very much and this becomes a major theme throughout the Harry Potter series. By coincidence, shortly after starting to write Harry Potter, JK Rowling lost her own mother to multiple sclerosis. This was a heavy blow to JKRowling. It also gave him additional empathy for his main character, Harry Potter.

It took JKRowling several years to finish the first book in the “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” series. During this time she spent a couple of years in Portugal where she was briefly married before divorcing after her husband kicked her out of the house. Through this first marriage, JKRowling had her first child, which she had to raise alone upon returning to the UK.

However, despite having a full-time teaching job and being a single mother, JKRowling eventually finished her first book and submitted it to book agents. After several refusals from big business (how they must be scrapping their decision now!), Bloomsbury, who was quite small in the publishing world at the time, took over the book.

The book was released and immediately became a huge bestseller. It sold well not only among children but also among adults. In fact, the first book was later published with a special cover for adults so that readers would not be embarrassed to read a “children’s book”. As the Harry Potter series progressed, the books became more and more attractive. JKRowling has received numerous awards for his Harry Potter series.

JKRowling finished the last and seventh book in the Harry Potter series in December 2006. The book entitled “The Deathly Hallows” will be published in July 2007.

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