Humility, honesty, integrity are rare commodities and cannot be bought in the commodity market

There are times when we need to do more than just say let’s get back to basics. We need to get back to basics. I am writing this article a year after the collapse of the Lehman bank, which had so many international tentacles that it resulted in various international disasters.

Many were injured. Some were ruined. Jobs were lost. Sin is ugly when we see its consequences.

Some made a lot of money, but who would want to make so much money at such a huge price when you consider the lives of others?

In the UK we are reading about a car company in which there has been financial ruin, but four men have each made about nine million pounds, and about six thousand people are no longer employed.

In writing as a Christian, it is essential for humanity to realize that God’s ways and laws cannot be broken, and that we cannot improve God’s methods either.

One thing that God says to man is that godliness accompanied by contentment is a great gain. We didn’t bring anything into the world and we can’t get anything out of it. However, it is true that we can send it ahead and Jesus Christ makes it very clear.

Invest in the poor. Invest among the poor. Invest in ministries that serve the poor. Invest wisely where there are no moths, thieves, or corruption, and where pride and arrogance play no role. That demands honesty, humility and integrity, and these are rare products in the financial world. These cannot be purchased at the commodity markets!

Some people live with the idea that they will live forever and will use almost any tactic available to achieve their goals. Such sowing yields a horrendous harvest.

Lehman’s Bank wanted to be number one and it really didn’t matter that much how that position and status was achieved. A fundamental knowledge of God’s Word would have taught those above how wrong that kind of thinking was. Of course, they can be rescued.

Man can be forgiven, restored, and reconciled to God after repentance and faith. That is the good news and that news must be proclaimed everywhere and particularly in the business world and also in government circles.

Do the White House and Downing Street London know?

Honesty, humility, and integrity reap a very different kind of harvest.

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