The fire

When I refer to “the fire” in my title, I mean the spark of inspiration actually being fanned into a flame of energy that works to genuinely get things done, not a literal fire burning things or cooking food. Also, “fire” refers to what sets us in motion in our lives. So when I think of life, existence and everything, I think of something active. What better metaphor than fire or the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpansive action to describe it?

Of course we can use the metaphor of positive energy, or protons and electrons to describe what I am describing, but that is just another form of the fire that I am writing about here. Because, in this case, fire is simply an expansive movement as a concept.

So, inspiration is a fire in itself, and a spark of idea starts it. When we accept it, everything expands. The only thing turning it off is the wrong way to do it. In fact, however, inspiration that is genuine is mostly a good thing.

However, inspiration without action is worse than romance without finance. If you don’t put your best efforts and resources behind your best ideas, there won’t be a great and satisfying result. That brings me to a point here: even if your result ends up being a bit different than what you expected, there is always an opportunity within that result to ultimately get something better than you bargained for if you persevere and don’t stop meaning. “If you fail at first, approach reality differently as many times as possible until you succeed.” That also means, alternatively, that more gold has been mined from people’s minds than has ever been mined from Earth. However, it must be sought out more creatively and used with ingenuity than anything mined from Earth.

One thing I really understand is that more riches come from ideas than mining equipment. Especially now and in the future. Ideas are literally a fire stronger than precious metal smelting cauldrons when done correctly. I hope these ideas inspire you to an excellent and expansive result to say as Samuel “Golden Rule” Jones, what I want for myself, I want for everyone, but I would like to add this: What I want for myself, I want for everyone, and I want everyone to benefit, genuine friend and apparent foe alike definitely! Because part of expanding is genuinely benefiting everyone, including yourself. So, I close by quoting the words of Saint Paul in the King James Bible First Corinthians Chapter Two, Verse one in the New Living Translation: “When I first came to you, dear brothers and sisters, I did not use lofty and impressive words. . wisdom to tell you about God’s secret plan. ” The “secret plan” is that kindling of fire that burns completely in our reality as great ideas fulfilled from within. That is all.

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