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Affiliate Profits Academy

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From: KC Tan
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This online course is specially created by KC Tan, who has taught more than 20,000 students online to create their Internet business using affiliate marketing.

What Students Are Saying About My Course!

Let Me Tell You The 3 Fatal Mistakes Most People Make In Affiliate Marketing!

1. Poorly Designed Website!

The majority of new affiliate marketers are not skilled in web design and many a time, their websites are poorly designed. Nowadays visitors are becoming more savvy and they know immediately whether a website is there just to promote products to them!

So if you feel that you are not skilled in web conversion, you don’t have to start from your own website! Instead, a better way is to promote products without a website from the beginning!

2. Not Following Bing Ads Rules!

Currently, Bing Ads allow you to do direct linking to ClickBank products, provided you follow their rules. For example, you are not allowed to promote products with exit popup window.

People who are not familiar with Bing Ads’ guidelines will risk getting their account banned!

Learn what are the products you can promote when you join my course!

3. Wasting money on Facebook Ads!

Do you know that I make ClickBank sales through my Facebook page and I didn’t even have to spend a single cent on advertising?

If you have been wasting money on Facebook advertising, it is time to STOP!

A better and more cost-effective strategy is to create a Facebook page and promote ClickBank products by gathering fans and leveraging keywords!

Who Should Sign Up For This Online Course?

You will benefit most from this course if you:

Course Overview – Section A

The objective of this first section is to equip you with the skills to select the right ClickBank products and promote them without a website…

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